Lillie’s Legacy

The Lillie’s Collection of wines is a tribute to Lillie Langtry of the Isle of Jersey. Lillie was well known for relationship with King Edward VII, but it was Lillie’s strong desire to achieve success and equality that became her legacy. Her pursuits included a successful career in live theatre in London, New York, and San Francisco. She made successful investments in winemaking, horse breeding, and real estate.  Lillie was an astute business woman and did not fear the risk of investing or wagering. She was the first woman to break the bank in Monte Carlo.

When Lillie travelled in 1905 to the Herald Square Theatre District of New York City and was denied access to the gentlemen’s only Keens Steakhouse and its exclusive Pipe Club her lawyers pursued the restaurant owners. When Lillie prevailed in court she swept into Keens Steakhouse in a feather boa and ordered the famed Keens mutton chop. To this day you can visit the Lillie Langtry private dining room at Keens Steakhouse in New York City, the Langtry Farms winery in California, or the Langtry Manor Hotel in Bournemouth England.


Our brand is inspired by Lillie Langtry and other women entrepreneurs, past and current.


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